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Get drunk- but without actually drinking! And you don’t even have to worry about hangover in the morning. It’s every man’s wet dream!

Imagine a future without hangovers. A future in which you could take in ridiculous amount of alcohol and still to able to bound out of bed the next day with a broad smile upon your face, a spring in your step and a desire to whistle your way into work.

Sound’s good, doesn’t it? Apart from the bit about going to work, that is. But you’ve got a spare £1,495 (cough) tying around your bank balance, you can bring the future to your front room – today, How very Tomorrow’s world.

The hoover shaped pieced  of kit is AWOL, Alcohol With Out Liquid, which operates on the simple promise that if you inhale alcoholic fumes, they won’t get into your bloodstream, and this, along with the extra oxygen you’ll be taking on board, will eradicate hangovers – the Black Death of modern times. (Unscientific tosh-Ed)

So, of course, we had to try it. What you do is, get the drink of your choice – absinthe, obviously, it’s the strongest – and fill the diffuser capsule. Turn the machine on, and it begins to vaporize the booze and you then inhale the resulting fumes via the mouthpiece.

And it certainly works, even more so if you snort it through the nose* rather than inhale via the mouth. With only few milliliters of absinthe, you can create enough vapour to get yourself hammered. It’s not like normal drunkenness, though. Infact, it’s much more like being stoned; you end up feeling very chilled., relaxed, very warm and fuzzy. It is, frankly, brilliant! Don’t try it with a can of Skol, though, though as you get the same effect as if you were actually drinking Skol – bugger all.

The AWOL oxygen generator purifies liquids like, say, absinthe and combines them with oxygen in a spray of calorie-free vapour. Huff it, safe in the knowledge there’ll be no hangover, no weight gain and no remorse. AWOL, www.awolspirit.com


Pubs across the land will close and greasy spoons vanish from the high street. Ladies and gentleman, the hangover is dead. AWOL (Alcohol With Out Liquid) is the brainchild of 30-teay-old Dominic Simler, who has discovered that by mixing spirits with pure oxygen a cloudy alcohol vapour can be created which can be either snorted or inhaled. Arise. Sir Simler. For details of how to buy AWOL, call 08708 508 508.


Get the party started. O2 bars have been around since the late 1990s but having your own generator (which makes pure oxygen from thin air! Magic!) allows you to do what you perhaps shouldn’t – inhale alcohol Pure oxygen is said to prevent hangovers – adding the 68% ABV La Fee Absinthe won’t.



Beware of Imitations
If you do not see the official ‘AWOL®’  Logo then it is not vaporized alcohol  with extra oxygen.

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